Luke Reed as Hamlet.

Earlier in the season, Bob and I interviewed four members of the cast of Hamlet that is playing at the Mount at the Edith Wharton estate. Unfortunately, we had to interview them in a large, empty room which was not conducive to recording. Bob and I are difficult to hear because of the room’s acoustics.  Although we could not broadcast the interview,  thanks to the engineering wizardry of Aaron Sawyer, we were able to save the responses of the actors who have toured Hamlet for several months. Several of them have also been involved in the education and training programs Shakespeare and Company offer.  Colin Gold, Concetta Russo, Luke Reed and Greg Boover shared their experiences from the tour as well as their ideas about performing the Bard out of doors. Shortly after this interview, we saw the Hamlet.  Having seen many productions of this play, we were enthralled by the emotional intensity of the performance. In the talkback following the performance, it was clear that the rest of the audience felt as we did about how compelling the play was. It is only at the Mount until August 22, but it should be seen. Fortunately, this perspective from the actors about the play remains.

Hamlet Interview Part 1

Hamlet Interview Part 2

Greg Boover as Polinius
Ally Allen as Ophelia, Concetta Russo as Gertrude and Colin Gold as Claudius
Luke Reed as Hamlet

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