Weston Playhouse Costume Shop

Peter and the Starcatcher
Peter and the Starcatcher

For all the wonderful things on stage to happen, there are many people working backstage. They are a part of the magic that makes theatre enthrall us. We were fortunate enough to interview Andja Budincich who works in the costume shop. Officially, she is a Stitcher, but as she points out she does everything that is necessary to get all the costumes ready.

Andja works on all of the shows. We spoke with her before Pump Boys and Dinettes opened. She was already working on mermaid costumes for Peter and the Starcatcher. When we saw the costumes in performance, we appreciated her work even more than when she told us about it. Theatre in the summer is challenging because of the rapid turnover of plays which requires work to be done quickly.  After you listen to Andja, you will appreciate the costumes even more.

Andja Budincich Part 1

Andja Buincich Part 2

Junie B. Jones
Pump Boys and Dinettes


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