Living Room Theatre

download (4)The Living Room Theatre in North Bennington offers exciting theatrical experiences. This is its fourth year. Created by Randolyn Zinn and Alan McCullough, it is special, providing outstanding plays in an intimate space. Each year is different as the cast and director respond to the particular needs of the classic play that is presented. Sometimes the play will start outside if that is where it is set and then move into The Carriage Barn of the Park McCullough House. Last year we went from outside the Carriage Barn and then when the act changed, we moved inside and during the different acts of the play we moved to three different spaces in the Barn.

Although we interviewed the producer and the cast on our program, we don’t know what it will be like this year as surprise is part of the fun. For the past three years the company has presented Chekhov plays, but this year they are presenting Exit the King by Eugene Ionesco. The performances start on July 30, July 31, August 1, 5, 6 and 8 at 7:30 pm and August 1, 2 and 8 at 2 pm. Seating is limited, as are the number of performances,  so call 802-442-5322 for tickets. Meanwhile, listen to our interview with Rocky Friedman-Vargas, Celia Schaefer, Colleen O’ Connor and Christopher McCann.

Ceila Schaefer, Christopher McCann and Colleen O’Connor

Interview with Exit The King Producer and Cast Part 1

Interview with Exit the King Producer and Cast Part 2

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