Weston’s Young Company

Weston's Young Company
Weston’s Young Company in Junie B. Jones

One of Weston’s many strengths is its Young Company. They do a children’s show, perform in the cabarets and also in the big musical of the season. Last year we interviewed members of the Young Company and were enchanted with them. We enjoyed the children’s show they did and the cabarets in which they performed as well as their performances in A Chorus Line.

Hannah Flam
Tyler Jent

Bob and I were delighted, therefore, to hear that two of them, Hannah Flam and Tyler Jent, would be returning to be part of this year’s Young Company. We interviewed them shortly after they arrived. Since then, we have seen them in Junie B. Jones, as well as at the season’s first cabaret and serving pie and coffee before and between the acts of Pump Boys and Dinettes. They and the other members of the Young Company are great fun as they perform with skill and talent in their various roles. In the cabaret, they gave an hilarious version of The History of Musical Theatre – In Vermont,

There is a cabaret every night after the first three Weston productions. They last about an hour and cost $12.  Food and drink are available.

Pump Boys and Dinettes
Pump Boys and Dinettes

While Pump Boys and Dinettes is playing through July 11, members of the cast will be joining in the cabaret, singing some of Joe Iconis’ songs as his group is the cast of Pump Boys and Dinettes. Iconis is a performer as well as a composer. Bob and I hadn’t seen Pump Boys and Dinettes before although we had heard about it. We enjoyed every minute of it, including the wonderful set.

One of the features of Weston is that before openings the directors talk about the plays. Last night Tim Fort gave a fascinating history of the development of the original production as well as talking about his Weston production of it many years ago at The Rod and Gun Club. Another special feature of The Weston Playhouse is the great restaurant downstairs, The West Town Eatery, where the food is delicious, the service friendly and efficient and the view of the waterfall out the window a pleasure. The Eatery also supplies food and drink for the cabarets.

So, be sure to stay and get to see the talented Young Company perform in the cabarets which are different with every production. Meanwhile you should listen to this year’s interview with Hannah and Tyler as well as last year’s interview.

Interview with Hannah Flam and Tyler Jent 2015

Interview with the Young Company 2014 Part 1

Interview with the Young Company 2014 Part 2

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