Intimate Apparel: The Actors

Marinda Anderson as Esther
Marinda Anderson as Esther

When we told Dina Janis that we had portable recording equipment and traveled to do interviews, she invited us to come up to The Dorset Theatre on a Tuesday. Intimate Apparel was having its technical rehearsal and The Adventure of Sherlock Holmes and the Jersey Lily its first read through. We set up in the cafe and as designers and actors came through, we interviewed them. It was one of the most exciting days ever. First, the designers left their work on the costumes and set of Intimate Apparel and dropped by and talked with us. Then the actors came by. We had never met any of them before, but they were easy to talk with about their work on the play and their background and other work they had done. Marinda Anderson and Janie  Brookshire each told us about her web series. We had a great time that we want to share because we learned so much about them and the process of creating theatre.

On Thursday, we went to see the play. However, the actors we had talked with weren’t on stage. They disappeared so completely into their roles that it was Esther and Mrs. Van Buren and George whom we watched and cared about, sharing their joys and sorrows, feeling with them as they went on their journeys. When we stayed after the play to tell them how much we had valued their performances, there were the actors we had interviewed. This is the magic of theatre, where talented and skillful actors create worlds which you enter with them and forget everything but the reality they are showing you.

This is a remarkable play that has too short a run. The Dorset Theatre Festival has given the community a gift by presenting it. Bob and I didn’t know the work of Lynn Nottage before this play. We are now eager to see more of her work and hopefully more of the work of these fine actors in different parts.

Interviews with Marinda Anderson and Janie Brookshire

Interview with Avery Glymph

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