Time Stands Still

The Oldcastle Cast of Time Stands Still
The Oldcastle Cast of Time Stands Still

Time Stands Still at Oldcastle Theatre was a play Bob and I were looking forward to seeing. Bob had seen the play in New York when I was at a meeting and was looking forward to seeing it again. Having heard him talk about it frequently I also anticipated it. Our expectations were well met.  We were absorbed with the play and the performances. The production has been getting well deserved rave reviews. The play is provocative and the acting is excellent.

We had the pleasure of interviewing Jason Guy on our program after seeing the show. He had so much to share that we went overtime. We hope to have him back again because an actor of his talent must surely show up at Oldcastle again. One of the aspects of Oldcastle that we like is their mix of familiar and new actors.  This makes for a fascinating dynamic which Jason talks about in the interview. There is also a video interview with some of the cast members and a video of David Margulies, the playwright.

Theatre Talk Interview with Jason Guy (If the program doesn’t show on your screen, click on the url at the bottom of the page.)

Time Stands Still Cast


Donald Margulies on Time Stands Still


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