Emergent Ensemble

Poster for The Aliens
Poster for The Aliens

The best way at this point to talk about the Emergent Ensemble is to quote its own definition. “Emergent Ensemble is a group of theater artists whose mission is to rise out of the surroundings in different configurations depending on the requirements of the moment to promote quality theater on a local scale that is accessible to all.”

To prove their point, their first production is of an award winning play Aliens which is being performed in a tunnel in Housatonic, Massachusetts for two weekends. May 29th to May 31, and June 5th to 7th. The tickets are $15, making it accessible to all.

Over the years Bob and I have enjoyed Maizy’s performances at Hubbard Hall in Cambridge. Recently we saw her in a reading of an intriguing play Tall Girls at WAM (Women’s Action Movement). We were delighted when we heard she was directing a play and were pleased to have her and Patrick Toole, whom we did not know, on our program to talk about their work.  We haven’t yet seen the play yet, but are looking forward to it.

Alex Dourneman, Colin McCarthy, and Patrick Toole

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