The Fantasticks

FanastickshqdefaultMany years ago, when we lived in New York, Bob and I saw the one act version of The Fantasticks performed at Barnard College. Ron Liebman played El Gallo. Bob knew Lore Noto which is how we got invited. At the end of the performance I told the composer that he had a great deal of talent.  Later, when Bob hear that it was going to be made into a two act play, he commented that although what we had seen was delightful and charming, he didn’t think the two act version would last.

Fantasticks63191025423_499049651542746460_oAfter seeing the two act version at The Sullivan Street Theatre, Bob recognized that he may have misjudged the possibilities of the longer version. At a brunch at a friend’s apartment, we even got to meet Jerry Orbach while he was still playing El Gallo. (That same friend had me playing bridge with Buster Keaton, who noted that I was either the best or worst player he had ever encountered.) You can guess which I was. When they were old enough, we took our sons to see the play, still at the Sullivan Street Theatre. Our granddaughters saw the production that the Oldcastle Theatre did.

Currently, The Dorset Players is performing The Fantatsticks. We interviewed the director, Jeff Linebeck and Sara Solari who plays Luisa.

Fantasticks11039834_963191165143_8923461597121707158_n(Note to followers: If you don’t see the broadcast, click the url)

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