Don Juan

20150506__p_EAG-L-DonJuan-0507-1_400Colleges with drama programs often offer their students unique opportunities to be engaged in exciting productions that might not be possible in professional venues. For those people who live in communities where there are such theatres, there is a chance to see quality performances either free or at a minimal cost.

Bennington College provides such opportunities for students and for audiences. An example of this is the co-production between members of the drama and music  faculty on their Don Juan project. Jean Randich and Tom Bogdan, members of the drama and music faculty at the college, have put together with students from both their disciplines and with the help of other faculty a production that combines Moliere’s Don Juan and Mozart’s Don Giovanni. We saw an energetic and exciting preview of the production and were eager to see the performance. Fortunately, we were able to interview Jean and Tom while they were in the process of putting the piece together.

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