An Illiad

An Illiad is a powerful adaptation of the story of the Trojan war told by Homer many, many years ago. One of the unique aspects of the production at Hubbard Hall is that the narrator is played by a woman, Jeannine Haas in a performance that holds the audience spellbound. The play runs around 100 minutes without interruption, but the time goes quickly as everyone is absorbed in the tale. This performance is what theatre is about, a group of people held together by the intensity of a story unfolding before them.

The performance at Hubbard Hall runs weekends through May 17 and it should not be missed.

We were fortunate to interview Jeannine Haas and David Snider the Executive and Artistic Producer at Hubbard Hall. David also gave us a preview of the upcoming events at the Hubbard Hall Theatre. We have also included an interview the adapters of the Illiad gave several years ago as well as a preview of the performance at Hubbard Hall.

David and Jeannine Theatre Talk-042715-Part 3

David and JeannineTheatre Talk-042715-Part 4

Lisa Peterson and Denis O”Hare

Hubbard Hall Preview of An Illiad

One thought on “An Illiad

  1. Enjoyed your talk yesterday, Sally. Thanks for sending me the interviews with the wonderful people from An Iliad. You are right on the mark this is what theater is all about. I was blown away

    Just learned from Eli the Sunday show at Oldcastle was canceled because there was no audience. A first! Hope this is not an omen. Such a good show.

    Best, Judy

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