Oldcastle Theatre Company

For over forty years, Oldcastle has presented Bennington and the surrounding region with a variety of exciting and absorbing productions of dramas, comedies and musicals. Each season they offer a balanced selection of new plays, American classics and the best from New York. London and regional theatre.  This year it starts its forty-fourth season. We have been an appreciative audience for most of those years. In the interest of full disclosure we have also participated in various other ways. Bob has directed, acted with them and had plays produced at Oldcastle. In their early days he ran their light and sound board and in later years he was their official photographer. I was on their Board and for several years was the President of the Board so we have enjoyed all of the challenges and the satisfactions that come with being involved with a theatre company. Recently, however, we have been loyal members of the audience.

During all this time, Eric Peterson has been the Producing Artistic Director of the company. There are not many theatre companies that have had such consistent leadership. He has also acted with the company, directed many of the plays and written some original dramas for them as well. Members of the original founding group often come back to act or direct or even stage manage. There is always a balance of new and familiar actors.

In this interview, Eric talks about the upcoming season as well as some of the history of the company. I  have also included a connection to their web site and a video showing their new (now two year old) home in construction, as well as an interview we conducted  with Bob Howe two years ago  about the seating he designed. Check the url for Bob’s interview.

Eric Peterson on Oldcastle

Oldcastle Theatre Company Web Site

Main Street Theatre

Bob Howe Interview

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