Shakespeare Anniversaries

2014 was the 450th anniversary of Shakespeare’s birth. 2016 will be the 400th anniversary of his death. There were many activities worldwide to honor this playwright whose words have echoed through the centuries. Close to home was Shakespeare and Company’s absorbing production of Shakespeare’s Will starring Kristin Wold. Her one woman performance was richly varied as she showed Anne Hathaway coming from his service and remembering their life together and apart. Since little is known, although much is speculated, about their relationship, Vern Thiessen’s version gave playgoers and Shakespearean scholars much to ponder and talk about.

We were also fortunate to see several Shakespearean productions in the park. Macbeth in Saratoga Springs, Shakespeare and Company’s Romeo and Juliet at the Mount and Hubbard Hall’s Romeo and Juliet in Greenwich, NY. We also enjoyed the production of The Tempest performed in North Bennington by Cathy Schor’s Children’s Shakespeare.

Here are two of our programs about this special year.

Shakespeare’s Birthday

Children’s Shakespeare

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