The New Musical Theatre with Steve Stettler

One of the major contributions to theatre is the American musical. There are many fine books and video examinations of this history including Broadway The American Musical, Broadway, The Golden Age and Broadway Musicals, A Jewish Legacy.

Living where we do we have the advantage of seeing many excellent productions of musicals, both traditional and contemporary.  Both Barrington Stage and The Weston Playhouse are major sources for both kinds of musicals. Both theatres offer outstanding stage productions of old favorites such as Kiss Me Kate or Fiddler on The Roof while also producing new works. Many of these at Barrington Stage are at their second stage,The St. Germain Stage  while at Weston, some are produced on the main stage and others at their second stage at the Rod and Gun Club.

We talked with Steve Stettler one of the three producing directors at Weston.

Here is the link to our interview with Steve

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